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At Residential Painting.Contractors, we strongly believe in the use of sustainable systems, superior products and developing strong teams. Along with staff of painters, we are committed to the Go Green philosophy.

We have the capability to build to any LEED level and category. We have painted  over one million square feet new construction; including LEED Certified projects, LEED for Schools, Municipal and Government projects, LEED Gold as well as LEED Built projects. We have a team of LEED Accredited Professionals on our staff who offer our clients options in achieving clean and healthy homes and work spaces.

As far as building a solid team of painters, we encourage our staff to work as a team and help new painters that might need that extra set of eye to help them to get the level of performance that our clients have enjoy from our painting company.

Safety training, and continued education on the latest trends, products and tools have played a major role in us sustaining success with our clients as well as our staff.

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